Wednesday 1 July 2015

God lets his children tell the story?

Let’s say you’re a pastor with some study time pencilled in this summer, or you’re looking for a task to give your ministry trainee, or you’re a Bible college student who can’t wait till September for someone to set you another problem to solve. This might be just the thing:

Respond to the following, bearing in mind the pyramid of arguments:

“The Bible- from front to back – is the story of God told from the limited point of view of real people living at a certain place and time. It’s not like the Israelites were debating whether or not to go ahead and describe God as a mighty warrior. They had no choice. That’s just how it was done – that was their cultural language. And if the writers had somehow been able to step outside of their culture and invent a new way of talking, their story would have made no sense to anyone else. The Bible looks this way because ‘God lets his children tell the story,’ so to speak.”

Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture has made us unable to read it, 63.