Tuesday 3 May 2016

A transgenderism reading list

“How to respond to Transgenderism?” is an urgent and complicated question. I’m just starting work on the topic and the third issue of Primer will be devoted to helping churches think the issue through. That will be out in November, but I’ve heard from several pastors who are trying to get a handle on the issue and write talks for their churches on it before the Autumn. So I’m sharing what’s on my to-read list. I haven’t read all these yet; they will certainly take different approaches and there is a mix of Christian and secular arguments here. Some address the topic specifically; others are touching on debates that I suspect are closely related to it. So don’t assume these pieces agree with each other or that I agree with any one piece. But, hoping that this list might help others get into the topic, here it is. If there are other things you’ve found helpful, do get in touch via email or twitter.

The book most people are aware of/engaging with is Mark Yarhouse Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture (IVP)

For a summary of the argument in Christianity Today see here
For a critical review see here, and a response from Yarhouse

Other books worth looking at:

Dale S. Kuehne Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship beyond an Age of Individualism (Grand Rapids: Baker 2009)

Oliver O’Donovan, Transsexualism and Christian Marriage (Nottingham: Grove Books, 1982).

Al Mohler We Cannot be Silent (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2015) ch5.

[the second half of this shows how academic research is developing the work of Michael Foucault to break down a binary view of gender]

A website with numerous articles and studies:  http://parakaleo.co.uk/

[updated 25th May]