Thursday 19 March 2015

A (still) forthcoming book on the doctrine of Scripture and an audio taster.

Don Carson’s preface to his Collected Writings on Scripture (Apollos, 2010) mentions a forthcoming two-volume work due to be published in 2012 and featuring no less than 36 authors: “Tentatively entitled The Scripture Project, the set aims to work through fundamental biblical, theological, historical, and philosophical issues related to the doctrine of Scripture.”

Never having heard of this, I went searching. I discovered an updated title - “But My Words Will Never Pass Away”: The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures – and an expanding list of expected publication dates: 2013, 2014, 2015. I also found a list of contributors:

D. A. Carson (editor), Charles Hill,  Glenn Sunshine, Rodney L. Stiling, John Woodbridge, Tom McCall, Bradley N. Seeman, Anthony N. S. Lane, Robert Kolb, David Gibson, Stephen Dempster, V. Phillips Long, Simon J. Gathercole, Peter. J. Williams, Graham Cole, Peter Jensen, Henri Blocher, Alex G. Smith, Harold Netland, Barry G. Webb, Mark Thompson, Osvaldo Padilla, Craig Blomberg, Douglas J. Moo, Andrew David Naselli, Kevin Vanhoozer, James Beilby, R. Scott Smith, Michael Rea, Paul Helm, Richard Lints, Kirsten Birkett, Te-Li Lau, Ida Glaser, Timothy Tennent, Bruce K. Waltke, Dan Doriani

Hopefully it will be published this year. As a foretaste, a number of the authors recently spoke at the Evangelical Free Church of America Theology conference. The audio is all available online (details below).

Conference Sessions: The Doctrine of the Scriptures
D.A. Carson, Introduction to the Present-Day Discussion (Audio)
John Woodbridge, The History of Biblical Authority: Nine Pointers (Audio)
Kevin Vanhoozer, Inerrancy and Hermeneutics (Audio) (PowerPoint)
V. Philips Long, Competing Histories, Competing Theologies, and the Challenge of Old Testament Interpretation (Audio) (PDF)
Douglas Moo, The New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Audio) (PowerPoint)
Panel Discussion - D.A. Carson, John Woodbridge, Douglas Moo (Audio)
Graham Cole, The Theology of Canonicity: Why a Book, Why this Book, Why this Sequence of Books within the Book (Audio)
Panel Discussion - Graham Cole, V. Philips Long, Daniel Doriani (Audio)
Daniel Doriani, Scripture in the Life of the Pastor (Audio) (PowerPoint)